Guidelines for Authors

Dental Health and the Annual Clinical Journal of Dental Health follow the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE) recommendations, which can be viewed at and has produced these guidelines to assist prospective authors towards publication. 

The Editor will consider for publication full-length research papers, clinical case reports, review articles, short communications, letters to the editor and professional issues.It is a condition of acceptance of manuscripts that they have not been previously published elsewhere nor are under consideration by any other publication. Please submit manuscripts to: Heather Lewis, Editor BSDHT Publications - Email:

For full-length research papers and clinical case reports:


A copy of each manuscript, including tables and high-quality figures, should be sent electronically via email as an attachment.


A mandatory submission and copyright form must be signed by all authors stating that they agree to the submission and that the material submitted has not been published and is not under editorial consideration in any other journal.The submission of the manuscript by the author means that the authors automatically agree to assign exclusive copyright to Dental Health if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Peer review

Upon receipt, manuscripts are sent to two independent referees approved by the Editor.Manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

Length of contributions

For research papers and case reports authors should ideally limit their work to 2,500 words.Tables and figures must be allowed for in the final count.(Approx. 100-500 words, depending on size.)


Titles must be descriptive and succinct.


A structured abstract is required of original research. It should provide the context or background for the study, basic procedures (selection of study participants, settings, measurements, analytical methods), main findings and principal conclusions. It should include key words.It may be up to 200 words and should be able to stand-alone.


Evidence of ethical approval where required.


Titles in tables should be short but self-explanatory and numbered consecutively.


Illustrations must be submitted in a format suitable for direct reproduction in the journal. Photographs, diagrams, tables or other non-original material are accepted on the understanding that the author has obtained the necessary permission and consent for their use.Where written consent has not been obtained prior to publication, a patient’s eyes will be masked in a photograph for anonymity. Full reference to the source must be provided in the caption. The Editor reserves the right to reject illustrations or figures based upon poor quality of submitted materials.Legends should be brief and specific.


Acknowledge persons who have made substantive contributions to the study.


The author is responsible for the accuracy of the reference list at the end of the article.All references must be in the Vancouver style: number references consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text and these numbers should appear as superscripts each time the author is cited.All references cited, and only these, must be listed at the end of the paper.This should include the names and initials of all authors unless there are more than six when only the first three should be given followed by et al.The authors' names are followed by the title of the article; the title of the journal abbreviated according to the style of Index Medicus or the Index to Dental Literature; the year of publication; the volume number: first and last page numbers in full. Titles of books should be followed by the place of publication, the publisher and the year.


Reference to a journal article: Harris M, Eaton KA, Ross MK, Arevalo C. A survey of Dental Hygienists in the United Kingdom in 2011. Part 2 - Assessment skills training and utilisation. Dental Health 2015;54(2):22-32.

Reference to an electronic journal article: Harrison JJ, Ceri H, Yerly J et al. The use of microscopy and three-dimensional visualisation to evaluate the structure of microbial biofilms cultivated in the Calgary Biofilm Device. Biol Proc Online [Internet]. 2006 [cited 2019Jan 10];8(1):194-215. Available from: doi: 10.1251/bpo127

Reference to a book: Greene P, Jackson M. Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2nd ed. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2012.  

Reference to a chapter in a book: Bergenholtz G and Hasselgren G.Endodontics and Periodontics.In: Lindhe J, Karring T and Lang NP (eds.)Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, pp 296-326.Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1997.

Reference to a webpage: General Dental Council. Scope of practice. 2009. Online information available at[1].pdf (accessed April 2012).

The Editor reserves the right to edit material for clarity of style and to suit the space available.

Conflicts of interest

Authors are expected to disclose any commercial or other relationships that could constitute a conflict of interest.