Council Feb 2014

The Council meets twice a year in Rugby, usually in September and January.  It ratifies recommendations made by the Executive, sets budgets for the year and ensures that the Society's aims are being met.

Any member is welcome to attend a Council meeting as an 'observer'.  If you would like further information please email

Executive Team:


BSDHT Administrative team:

Regional Group representatives:

BSDHT Ambassadors

  • Abigail Eades BSDHT Ambassador
  • Alison Edisbury North West Reg Rep / BSDHT Ambassador
  • Amber Ojak BSDHT Ambassador
  • Anna Middleton BSDHT Ambassador
  • Asma Matloob BSDHT Ambassador
  • Claire Bennett BSDHT Ambassador
  • Claire Berry BSDHT Ambassador
  • Hazel Rushworth BSDHT Ambassador
  • Melanie Pomphrett BSDHT Ambassador
  • Nancy Bentley Ambassador
  • Nina Lord Midlands Reg Rep. / BSDHT Ambassador
  • Robbie Stewart BSDHT Ambassador
  • Robiha Nazir BSDHT Ambassador
  • Vicki Griffiths BSDHT Ambassador
  • Victoria Marsden BSDHT Ambassador
  • Vishwa Patel BSDHT Ambassador
  • Elected Council members:

    Amber Ojak 
    Christina Chatfield
    Joanne Downs

    Other representatives on Council:

    Emma Bingham Tutor representative
    Elaine Tilling Publications representative
    Abigail Eades Student representative
    Kim Plant  Student representative
    Claire Bennett Student representative

    Honorary Vice Presidents 

    Simon Hearnshaw  
    Stacey Clough  


    Are you passionate about your chosen profession? Would you like to learn more about the workings of your representative professional organisation? Do you think you have something to offer your colleagues? 

    BSDHT would like to invite any interested BSDHT members to attend the next Council meeting as an Observer.

    Council agreed that it would make the work of the BSDHT Council more transparent to members if Council meetings were to be opened to invited observers.

    A number of members of the Society may attend full Council meetings purely as observers, although numbers will be limited due to space. Applicants will be accepted on a first come basis and no expenses will be paid. Meetings are held twice a year in Rugby.

    The next meeting will be held on 28th January 2021

    To register your interest please contact the President by